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Domain Backordering: A Comprehensive Guide

Domain backordering is a strategic process of registering a domain name that is about to expire or has already expired. Learn how to backorder domains and increase your chances of success.

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Sand glass of an expiring domain

Understanding Domain Name Expiry and Renewal

Expired domain names can lead to website downtime, loss of email services, and diminished online presence, potentially harming your business or personal brand. Understanding the domain name lifecycle, from expiration to deletion, is essential to maintaining your online identity.

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Drawing of parking

How to Park Domains and Make Money: A Comprehensive Guide

Domain parking is the process of registering a domain name but not using it to create a website. Instead, the domain name is parked with a domain parking provider who displays ads on the domain's landing page. Domain parking can be a great way to generate passive income, but it's important to choose the right domain names and parking provider.

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